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Truck conversions

If you can't find the right vehicle in our large range of over 2,000 commercial vehicles and construction machines, or if you have very special wishes, we can also convert your truck according to your ideas. In this way, we can offer you the transport solution that is right for you. You will benefit from the many years of experience of our dedicated staff, who will be happy to help you with planning and advice.

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Conversion MAN with crane and tipper body

MAN TGM 18.340 BB 4x4 chassis was built up with a FASSI F80 A 23 crane and a Meiller 3-sided tipper body. 
In addition, a radio remote control for the crane was installed.




Umbau-MAN-Kran-Kippaufbau vorher
Umbau-MAN-Kran-Kippaufbau nachher
Umbau-Mercedes-Benz-Actros-Kippaufbau vorher
Umbau-Mercedes-Benz-Actros-Kippaufbau nachher

Conversion Mercedes-Benz Actros with tipper body and rear crane

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2641 6x4 chassis was built up with a Meiller 2-sided tipper body with on-board hydraulics on the left and a PENZ 11LR8,20 crane with high seat. During this conversion, the wheelbase was adjusted and the vehicle was completely painted according to the customer's wishes.




Conversion MAN with roll-off system

MAN TGS 28.360 6x4 chassis with lift, steering axle was built up with a HYVA T20-49-S roll-off system. The frame was shortened in the process.




Umbau-MAN-Abrollanlage vorher
Umbau-MAN-Abrollanlage nachher
Umbau-MAN-Abrollkipper vorher
Umbau-MAN-Abrollkipper nachher

Conversion MAN roll-off tipper with crane behind driver's cab

MAN TGS 26.440 BL 6x2 roll-off tipper with lift, steering axle was converted with a shorter HYVA T20-47-S roll-off system and a FASSI F130A.23 crane with radio remote control. The vehicle was completely painted according to the customer's wishes.




Conversion Mercedes-Benz Actros roll-off tipper with tank container

Mercedes-Benz Actros 3341 A 6x6 chassis was built with a HYVA T20-57-S roll-off system. The frame was shortened during the conversion.
To match the vehicle, we built a tank superstructure with 15,000l and a self-made fittings cabinet on a roll-off frame. A diesel motor pump with a max. delivery rate of 2,000l/min was installed in the fittings cabinet.

The vehicle was painted according to the customer's wishes.



Umbau-Mercedes-Benz-Actros vorher
Umbau-Mercedes-Benz-Actros nachher

Individual conversions

If you have a very special wish for your vehicle, such as box bodies or tipper bodies. In our modern master workshop, we can convert your vehicle completely individually and according to your needs. No matter whether you need an individually converted fire engine with modifications for use or a truck with a tipper body and crane behind the driver's cab or at the rear. We will convert your vehicle the way you need it for your transport task.

Would you like individual bodies such as tipper bodies, roll-off bodies, drop-off bodies, tank bodies, box bodies, platform bodies also with tarpaulin, bodies for municipal vehicles or others for your commercial vehicle? No matter whether you need a loading crane, a box body with portal doors or a roll-off system on, for example, a Mercedes Benz, MAN or Iveco truck. We make it possible! We can also convert your municipal vehicle to suit your needs. We can offer you bodies from various body manufacturers. All vehicles are built up or converted in our modern master workshop and can be repainted or have a new speedometer inspection in our own paint shop.

In addition to our bodies, we also offer box bodies, platform bodies and platform swap bodies as well as roll-off containers and skip containers in various sizes and designs. Our tipper bodies are from the manufacturers Meiller, Schmitz and Carnehl. In addition to our roll-off and set-down bodies from Atlas, Palfinger, Hyva, Marrel and others, we also have box bodies from Sommer, Orten, Junge etc. Of course, we also have the matching truck trailers in stock as turntable and tandem trailers, for example with tipper body, body with flatbed and box body.

The Gassmann GmbH

Gassmann GmbH is your reliable partner for the purchase and sale of commercial vehicles and construction machinery in Germany and worldwide, with more than 2,000 vehicles on an area of 200,000 m². We have been headquartered in Bovenden for three generations. Over 65 employees and a modern management team ensure that the company continues to grow and that customers receive the best possible advice from us.


Send us an enquiry

Do you need an individual conversion of your vehicle? Then you can request a quote for the conversion, which we will send you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us on +49551/82020 or send us an e-mail to info@gassmann-gmbh.com. One of our experienced and dedicated employees will be happy to help you.