A company makes history


Alfred Gassmann and his wife Katharina started abusiness establishment to trade agricultural implements and -vehicles as well as household appliances and kitchen equipment.


Establishment of the company „Anhänger-Gassmann” in Bovenden. The main focus was the trade of trailers. Since that time the company Gassmann is concerning itself with the rebuilding of trailer trucks and constructional systems of vehicles. In this area you can benefit from our long experience in business. Nowadays the superstructures and the rebuilding of trucks count as our special bargain. Our strength in this area is unrivalled. In the following years the premises are increasing by the acquisition of further realties in Bovenden and vicinity.


Alfred Gassmann started the company NUFA GmbH & Co. KG based in Lich near Gießen.


among the companies „Anhänger-Gassmann” and NUFA GmbH & Co. KG today’s Gassmann GmbH was started. By now Gassmann GmbH has developed to a well-established company both at home and abroad.


because of the German reunifi cation and the opening of the Eastern European frontiers increased requirements in commercial vehicles are developing, especially in the New Laender and in those countries bordering in the East. The branch in Schopsdorf was opened to better achieve this market.


the company is moving into the new principal office next to the former A-road at the outskirts of Bovenden. A new garage, new office spaces and truck parking spaces were generated to give consideration to the increasing required space.