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There is only one name to be mentioned if you are talking about business vehicles in Germany and Europe: Gassmann. Rightly, because the Gassmann Group with the Gassmann GmbH and the NUFA GmbH & Co. KG is your powerful specialist for commercial vehicles and construction machines.

High quality passenger vehicles and vintage cars is also a distinct passion of ours!
Here you will also find historic vehicles, cars destined to become classics as well as historic race cars.
And it’s not just passenger vehicles. In our exhibition showrooms we also have historic utility vehicles, motorcycles and old Wehrmacht vehicles (German Armed Forces vehicles).

The Gassmann GmbH with today’s general manager Helmut Gassmann is located with its headquarter in Bovenden since three generations. Above 65 employees and a modern management are responsible for the continuous growth of the Gassmann group.

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